5 Thanksgiving Decor Products + Projects!


Unfortunately, it has been a good long while since I’ve hosted a Thanksgiving dinner since we now live so close to family and my mom usually does it.  As a matter of fact, I don’t believe I’ve done it since we lived overseas over 6 years ago. I will spare you the details of my very first Thanksgiving that I hosted (they put the giblets where?!?). Now that I’m all grown up (kinda!) I’d like another shot at it. Below are a few gorgeous handmade products and projects from around the web that I would use to add some Thanksgiving-ness to my home. If I ever do get to host Thanksgiving again…

1. Our table would be topped with something like this MANorah from the Etsy shop Frick and Frack Scraps.

2. It’s not too late for pumpkins is it? I vote no. I would set these ombre colored pumpkins at my door to welcome our guests.

3. Love, love, LOVE this collection of hand painted tableware from There is Always Room for Emptyness.

4. Elsie has a lovely autumn fireplace display don’t you think?

5. This pretty much sums up the holiday. I love the idea of this chalkboard!
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Bri Land is the Director of Operations at Whimseybox (and as her husband will say - her home). She lives in Houston with her husband, two daughters and their dog Bingo. She a huge fan of modern crafts, business and technology. Especially when they are all combined. Bri also owns a small studio in the Houston Heights, Homespun: Houston Handmade, that can be rented out for craft classes or workshops.

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