Apartment Artifact – Mini Clay Mountains


Let’s be serious – The title of this post should be Apatrment Desk Artifact. With all the hubbub of the holidays – parties, shopping, working, packing boxes – I haven’t been in our apartment for more than a night’s sleep and a shower since before Thanksgiving! So let’s spruce up the old desk and give it a little winter whimsey.



Birch Straws

Colored wire

A Smidge of Air Dry Clay

Wire Cutters



Paint Brush


Cut your Birch straws into various lengths. Get them here.

To make a base for my trees, I molded a few lumps of air dry clay into what I’m gonna call mountains. (This clay was left overs from another project. Grab anything that will help your trunks stand up – Sculpey, foam, even an upside down paper bowl with holes cut in it would work.)


I didn’t spend a lot of time working with the clay so that it would retain that craggy, textured look. I poked the straws into the clay where I wanted the trees to be and left it to dry over night.


The next morning I painted them pearl white and dumped some snow (GLITTER!!) on those mountain tops!


While that was drying, I made the trees. Inspired by Christmas trees that I had seen made out of bed springs, I grabbed some of the colored wire from our String Art Kit¬†and created graduated spirals with it. Hint – if you pull wire off the spool as shown in the picture above, you’ll have a WAY easier time making nice round circles.


Bend a bit of wire down to slide into the straw.


Assemble! (and add more glitter because you can never have too much!)





Michelle is the Director of Operations at Whimseybox.

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