Ask A Crafty Person: Send us your questions!

This is a call to action, a plea for progress, a request for resolution!

We want to know your craft conundrums. You’ve got the vision, and all you need is the know-how. Are you stumped as to how to tackle your next DIY? Well we can help. We don’t claim to know all the answers but we’ve got a whole community of creatives who can guide you to glory.


Interested in a new technique or product? Trying to figure out the best materials to use? Need to bust that stash of materials?

No matter what your issue is, big or small, we field them all! Half finished projects, craft fails, and DIY dilemmas.

We respect the fact that you are reaching out for help in a desperate  moment of frustration. We’re here to help, not judge.

If you have a question, please email it to

We will be on Facebook and Instagram as well, looking for both submissions and answers. So share your story and together we can help you through the stumbling blocks an onward toward making.

Alison is the Operations Associate at Whimseybox. Born and raised in Maine, Ali was brought up in the creative culture of craft fairs and artist co-ops where she discovered her love of all things handmade. A true dilettante, she rarely repeats a project and considers herself one lucky lady that her passions have collided with her career.

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