Beeswax Sheets v. Wax Blocks


Candles make great gifts, so while I’m admittedly a candle-making rookie, the DIY gift-giving season seems like a great time to take a look at two different candle-making supplies – beeswax sheets and paraffin wax blocks.

Beeswax sheets make candle-making about as easy as possible (i.e. rolling the sheets around a wick).  Having said that, you’re certainly more limited in what you can do with them.  You’re basically looking at taper and pillar candles and only in whatever color sheets you’re able to source.  Of course, beeswax sheet candles are about as cute as can be, and these projects prove it:

Reading My Tea Leaves

Small Home Big Start

Crafting a Green World


Wax blocks, which are available in varieties such as paraffin, soy, and  beeswax, are highly customizable but definitely require more work and mess.  If all you want are simple, white candles, you’ll have to melt your wax block in a double-boiler and then pour into whatever container you can dig up.  If you want to get more advanced with custom colors, scents, and molds, well, the world is your oyster with block of wax and a few additional supplies.  Here is just a sampling of some great custom candles:

Martha Stewart

How Did You Make This

The Sweetest Ocassion

A Pumpkin & A Princess

Miss Renaissance 

So, which do you prefer — the quick, easy, and ridiculously charming?  Or the more challenging option where the options are endless?

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