Craft Felt v. Wool Felt

acrylic vs wool felt

In the world of felt, there are several types, but they primarily break down to craft felts, wool felt, and everything in between.  Today, we’re going to look at the two extremes — 100% synthetic fiber craft felt and 100% wool felt.

Craft felts — It’s the felt we all know and love — available in pre-cut sheets right beside the foam cutout shapes and the popsicle sticks at your local craft store.  Generally speaking, craft felt is made almost exclusively from man-made fibers like acrylic or polyester.  Craft felt can stretch and tear rather easily, but it’s super affordable, available in a whole rainbow of colors and great for all kinds of projects that aren’t likely to see a lot of wear and tear — for example, small toys, small decorations, costumes you’re likely to wear only once or twice.  Some of my favorites:

DIY Grumpy Cat Mask by Snowdrop and Company

DIY Geometric Table Runner by Confetti Sunshine

Felt Flower Collage by Do Small Things With Love

DIY Love Letter Scroll by Sugar and Cloth for Say Yes to Hoboken

Wool felt, on the other hand, is made of natural wool — either wholly in 100% wool felt or in part in wool blend felts.  While wool felts can be pricey and more limited in color availability, it’s your go to if you’re looking to create something that you want to last for the long haul – for example, bags and tech cases, clothing and other wearables, home decor.  In fact, wool felt won’t pill and is known for its durability.  Some of my favorite projects that would work best with a 100% wool or wool blend felt include:

DIY Scallop Cushion by Christine Leech for Sweet Living

DIY Needle Case by The Good Weekly

DIY Felt & Suede Clutch by Eat. Sleep. Make

Both types of felt are great and obviously serve their very different purposes.  Do you have any favorite uses for craft felt?  How about wool felt?


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