Crafty Links of the Week – December 14, 2012

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Are you going to be an Alt newbie like we are? We are beyond excited and thought this post was an excellent reference if you’ll be there too.


We hit the mother load with this DIY holiday round up by Crafty Chica.


Traveling over the holidays? Here’s a DIY for a leather luggage tag. Not traveling? These can be used as a gift tag or an ornament. Too clever.


Some things are just so simple and when you see them you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Like these geode escort cards on Nest.


It’s full on holiday mode around the Whimseybox HQ. And if you own your own creative business, I’m sure you know what we mean! Here are some things to think about in the new year. Bring it, 2013!

Bri Land is the Director of Operations at Whimseybox (and as her husband will say - her home). She lives in Houston with her husband, two daughters and their dog Bingo. She a huge fan of modern crafts, business and technology. Especially when they are all combined. Bri also owns a small studio in the Houston Heights, Homespun: Houston Handmade, that can be rented out for craft classes or workshops.

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    I was an Alt newbie last January – I knew but braved it just the same. You will LOVE it. People are very friendly and generous. I met some amazing bloggers there and since then we’ve collaborated often.

    I’m going back again this coming January and am REALLY excited because I’m leading a roundtable called “Makers Gotta Make – Fine-tuning Your Creative Process for Success”. How things change in just a short year…

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