Crafty Links of the Week – October 5th, 2012


– Would you try these Top 5 DIY Tights? Not sure if I have the guts!

– Love, Love, LOVE this article on the secret to being self-taught.

– Growing and looking to hire someone to help you out in your crafty business? Here is a free podcast for you.

– Whoa. Check out this gorgeous Technological Mandala.

– We can’t get enough of polka-dots here lately. Papernstitch has a list of polka-dot DIYs for you to try this weekend.

Bri Land is the Director of Operations at Whimseybox (and as her husband will say - her home). She lives in Houston with her husband, two daughters and their dog Bingo. She a huge fan of modern crafts, business and technology. Especially when they are all combined. Bri also owns a small studio in the Houston Heights, Homespun: Houston Handmade, that can be rented out for craft classes or workshops.

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