DIY Geometric Birch Bunting


You know when you run into something online that you just have to buy? These birch straws were a must-have the moment I discovered them even though I had no idea when I’d use them. But when they arrived I suddenly had an idea that was a perfect fit with the monochromatic décor I’ve been loving this Christmas. (Seriously loving – check out my Pinterest board at Martha Stewart Living!)

I cut each straw into quarters and started stringing them onto a length of black and white baker’s twine.

DIY Black and White Birch Garland  (1)

I gathered them into groups of three every 8-10” and tied a knot in the twine to create a simple triangle pattern reminiscent of the himmeli-style ornaments that are everywhere right now.

DIY Black and White Birch Garland  (2)

Simple, inexpensive and graphic – this is my kind of project!

DIY Geo Birch Straw Garland

Here’s the finished garland decorating a gift-wrap project I make using the same stamp I used on this DIY stamped card project.

DIY Geometric Birch Bunting (1)


And a few more fun shots…

DIY Geometric Birch Bunting (2)

DIY Geometric Birch Garland

Alicia DiRago is the founder and CEO of Whimseybox. She has led DIY events across the country and been featured in the Wall Street Journal. Alicia is a lifelong crafter and former chemical engineer obsessed with making everything from bracelets to (homebrewed) beer! You can find her personal DIY, fashion and design blog at


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