DIY Holiday Baubles


Break out the tinsel and the sparkly jewelry, it’s holiday party season! If your budget can’t quite take a pricey hit for a bit of sparkle, you’re in luck! This set of DIY holiday baubles is made using styrofoam holiday fillers and tinsel. Festive, fun and oh so budget friendly!

Materials for All of the Projects
Holiday Baubles
Sparkly styrofoam fillers (You can buy these balls in packages at your local craft store, they come in all sorts of colors!)
Tinsel garland
Jewelry fixtures and fastenings (Earring posts, plain rings, hair clips and pins. All can be purchased a craft or jewelry supply store)
E6000 Glue or other strong glue

Materials for the necklace specifically:
Jewelry Wire/Thread
Large Needle
Fastener + Jump Ring
Crimp Bead
Crimper (or small pliers should work just fine!)

To Make:
Earrings: Pick out two filler balls that are exactly the same size. Using a small dot of glue, adhere each to an earring post. Let dry. Holiday Baubles

Holiday Baubles

Ring: Glue a larger filler to a plain ring base. Let dry. (Yes, it’s that simple!)

Holiday Baubles Ring

Holiday Baubles Ring

Pin + Hair Clip: Cut a small piece of tinsel garland and glue it to your pin or hair clip. Glue a filler (or a few!?) on top. Let dry.

Holiday Baubles Hair Clip
Necklace: This is the only bauble that requires a bit more work! String your fillers onto the wire using a large needle.

Holiday Baubles
Once you have the length you want, slip a crimp bead on the loose end of your wire. Pull your wire through a jump ring, then back through your crimp bead. Push your crimp bead right up against your jump ring and “crimp” it using your crimping tool, or pliers in a pinch! Cut excess wire, leaving about a half inch. Cover with your fillers.

Holiday Baubles

Holiday Baubles

Then cut your wire at the other end, leaving a good six inches to work with. Slide a crimp bead on, followed by your fastener. Then pull the wire back through your crimp bead and the last filler on your string. Pull tight, but leave a little bit of a give so your necklace isn’t stiff. Crimp your bead and cut off excess wire just underneath your last filler.

Holiday Baubles

Holiday Baubles
You just made a necklace! (Psst… Not into all those steps? I bet you could string these on a thin ribbon and just tie it up with a bow, too!)

Holiday Baubles
Wear any (or all!) of your baubles to all those festive holiday parties! I bet you can even make shoe clips.. oh the possibilities! Happy baubling!

Kelly Lanza - Studio DIY

by Kelly Lanza
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