DIY Twine Stand

DIY Twine Stand
Twine is easily one of the most versatile supplies in my crafting arsenal   It seems that I’m always finding some use for it — whether it’s adding some understated flair to a package,  binding a handmade notebook, or even making a farmer’s market tote.  A go-to resource like this one deserves a convenient but pretty little home out in the open, if you ask me.
Supplies: Unfinished Wooden Circle Plaque, Unfinished Wooden Mini Candlestick, Unfinished Wooden End Bead, Wood Glue — all supplies that you should be able to source from the aisle of wooden odds and ends at your local craft store.
 Apply wood glue to the bottom of the mini candlestick, and affix to the center of the circle plaque.
 Apply wood glue to the bottom of the end bead, and affix to the top of the mini candlestick.
 Allow the glue to dry.
 Now all your twines and strings stand beautifully at the ready for your next project.

      Mandy Pellegrin

    Mandy Pellegrin

By day, Mandy is a Washington bureaucrat (and proud of it). At night and on the weekends, she gets herself into all sorts of crafty and creative shenanigans. Follow along with her adventures on her blog, Fabric Paper Glue.
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