DIY Upcycled Trash Can


Now that Spring is here, it’s time for Spring cleaning. That’s right. It’s the time of year when you de-clutter and reorganize your home. Instead of throwing away that old trashcan, why not give it a facelift? All you need is an old trashcan (make sure it’s clean inside!), some wrapping paper, mod podge, and a paintbrush!


Take the wrapping paper and tear it into large and small pieces.


Using the paintbrush, paint a thin layer of mod podge on the back of each piece of the wrapping paper.


Attach the wrapping paper to the trashcan carefully. To make sure it sticks easier, paint a thin layer of mod podge on the trashcan before laying the paper flat on it.


Keep covering the trashcan with wrapping paper and add at least two layers of wrapping paper before finishing. Once the trashcan is all covered, paint a final layer of mod podge to seal the paper to the trashcan.


Let it dry and admire your new container!



This upcycled trashcan is the perfect container to hold umbrellas or wrapping paper or whatever your heart desires! Happy Spring!


Lexy Ward - The Proper Pinwheel

Lexy Ward

Lexy Ward is the editor and founder of The Proper Pinwheel, a party blog that celebrates DIYs and Diet Coke. She loves to bake goodies and has a passion for party-throwing. She is currently living in Denver with her husband and their pet yorkie, Tagg.

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  • Reply July 27, 2014


    Hello! I was looking at this and I instantly fell in love with that peach colored paper. Would you mind telling me where you got it?


    • Reply July 28, 2014

      Alicia DiRago

      Hey Kirsten! I’m not sure where that paper is from but if you ask @properpinwheel on Twitter she would know! Hope that helps :)

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