#DIY5 – Episode 27

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This episode gets a little hairy! Alicia is loving photo DIYs this week and Alison talks about a lovely blogger who approaching blogging with intention. Plus, there’s a fun sale + prize combo this week!

#DIY5 – Episode 27 from Whimseybox on Vimeo.

1. DIY Poster Hanger by My Poppet

2. DIY Map Coasters by Enjoy The Moment

3. DIY Pallet Photo Frames by Southern Revivals

4. DIY Embroidery Hoop Earring Holder by Sarita Creative

5. DIY Bedside Pom Pom Rug by Say Yes

Featured Influencer – Intention & Grace

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Mystery Box Sale!

Alyssa is a designer, photographer and essentially the art department at Whimseybox. She loves making, no matter what the creative challenge is. Her current obsessions include (but are not limited to!) textural weaving, all things white or geometric, crystals and aerial silks. She blogs personal inspirations and Whimseybox behind-the-scenes at alyssarenee.co


  • AHHHHH That was so exciting!! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Reply August 18, 2014

      Alison Strang

      Awesome project Jamie! I’m envious of your woodworking skills. You must have a killer workshop. My sewing machine is my only power tool.

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