12 DIYs for Kids


School’s out for the summer! No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks! That’s all well and good, but now you’ve got a bunch of bored kids on your hands. Not to worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are some fun DIYs that kids will either love crafting or reap the benefits of once completed.

1. Intense

Source: lindsayandandrew.blogspot.com

When your kiddos are driving you up a wall, here’s a cute way to send them off to a secluded area all their own. This PVC teepee is the glamorous version of a blanket fort, and it’s even collapsible, allowing you to fold it up and out of sight for those times you don’t  necessarily want a teepee in the middle of your home. Find the full tutorial here.

2. Push-Pop Confetti

Source: minted.com

Here’s a DIY that first requires eating a bunch of ice cream push-pops. I bet the kids will love helping  make it as much as they love playing with the end result! An occupied child makes a pleased parent, so let them have some confetti fun! Find the full tutorial here.

3. DIY Waterpark

Source: instructables.com

It’s hot outside, and the pressure is rising inside to save your children from boredom. Put together this PVC water toy to cool down the situation, and watch the kids have a blast. Find the full tutorial here.


4. Let’s Bounce

Source: kidsactivitiesblog.com

Every kid loves a good bouncy ball. Here’s a way to make them at home so you’re not constantly shelling out change for new ones to replace those that inevitably bounce into oblivion (or under the couch).Find the full tutorial here.


5. Gum’s the Word

Source: karaspartyideas.com

When your little one’s mouths are moving a mile a minute, sometimes a chewy treat can do the trick for some peace and quiet. Why not throw in the added fun of a nifty gum dispenser while you’re at it? These throwback DIY gum ball machines are made out of terra cotta pots and a glass bubble bowl. Find the full tutorial here.


6. I Lava You

Source: slsmithphotography.typepad.com

No need to construct a time machine to transport your cuties back to the 70s; you can make your own lava lamp out of things you already have lying around the house! You’ll have your kiddos tossing up peace signs and saying things like “groovy, baby” in no time. Find the full tutorial here.

7. Penne For Your Thoughts

Source: dontmindifidoblog.blogspot.com

I’m sure we could all put “experienced in making macaroni jewelry” on a resumé, but this penne pasta jewelry actually looks like something you could buy at a cute boutique. You might catch yourself sneaking into your little one’s jewelry box to wear this one, yourself. Find the full tutorial here.


8. When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade Stands

Source: iknowtheplansihave4you.blogspot.com

Make a day out of this DIY! After you put together this lemonade stand (made primarily out of pallets), you can decorate it to your liking and get down to business! Even if your profit margins aren’t what you’d like, a day spent sipping on lemonade is always a success. Find the full tutorial here.


9. Petite Purses

Source: ikatbag.com

These cardboard-crafted purses are every little fashionista’s dream statement piece. From the beaded handle to the blank canvas sides, they’re completely customizable to suit every kid’s taste. Find the full tutorial here.


10. Make It Rain

Source: happyhooligans.ca

No matter the weather, you can always make it rain with these DIY rain sticks. The kids will enjoy making them, and you will (hopefully) enjoy the soothing sounds of faux-precipitation. Find the full tutorial here.


11. Make Your Own Xylophone

Source: instructables.com

Perhaps you have a little Beethoven itching to show off his or her talents. Give them an outlet with this DIY xylophone! Find the full tutorial here.


12. A-Maze-ing

Source: bkids.typepad.com

Transform old CD cases into these cool 3-D mazes. Hand them over to the kids and watch them twist, turn, and, best of all, remain occupied! Find the full tutorial here.

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