Fall Fashion Week – Pretty Grunge Revival Maxi Skirt

Floral Pleated Maxi Skirt DIY - Whimseybox

It’s that time. We all knew it was coming. The moment in time when 90’s style comes back with a vengeance! While I’m not quite on board with plaid (just not my thing) I am in full agreement with grungy florals coming back! In honor of this, and my newfound love for maxi skirts, I set out to make this pleated maxi skirt. While it’s not the easiest thing to sew, I’m an uber novice and I managed to get it done with minimal issues. Worth it! Click below to view the full step-by-step instructions. Maybe put on some Sonic Youth to really get in the mood!


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Alyssa is a designer, photographer and essentially the art department at Whimseybox. She loves making, no matter what the creative challenge is. Her current obsessions include (but are not limited to!) textural weaving, all things white or geometric, crystals and aerial silks. She blogs personal inspirations and Whimseybox behind-the-scenes at alyssarenee.co

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