Featured Community: Fascinators, Sunbursts and Asymmetry


Fashion Week has arrived in all it’s decadence and media mayhem, and in honor of all the hype, I’d like to focus on the talented designers right here in our Whimseybox community. Fashion week is all about sharing new trends and styles, which you can do with your FREE Whimseybox account. Share all your handmade fashions and re-fashions by showcasing them on our projects page. With¬†the new feed feature you can follow your favorites see what’s new and popular on the Whimseybox site.

DIY Fascinator

I didn’t even know that these mini works of millinery were so popular until Princess Beatrice rocked that infamous headpiece at the royal wedding. How about a feathered fascinator to tickle your fancy.

fascinator DIY Sunburst Jeans

Bleach and paint spills might spell disaster for your clothes, or it could just be the thing to take your denim from dull to daring.


DIY Asymmetrical Purse

Using plaid and leather, this purse may be traditional in it’s materials but it’s anything but square.¬†
purse The runways at fashion week are teaming with new trends and styles all made for people with smaller waistlines and bigger wallets. We can all be fashion designers with a little inspiration and a desire to DIY.


Alison is the Operations Associate at Whimseybox. Born and raised in Maine, Ali was brought up in the creative culture of craft fairs and artist co-ops where she discovered her love of all things handmade. A true dilettante, she rarely repeats a project and considers herself one lucky lady that her passions have collided with her career.

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