Featured Community Projects

Featured Community Projects

This week’s community feature column includes a question from one of our community members. Dree chimed in on last week’s post, asking the following:

I am confused about the community projects. I thought the area was just for whimseybox-based projects ( and that is all I have posted)–but when I look at others’ projects, there are knit and crochet items and all SORTS of things. So, what is meant to be shared there?

That’s an excellent question, Dree! Yes, you can post any kind of DIY project in the community. We, of course, love to see what you are making with your Whimseyboxes, but we also want to encourage any kind of making. Feel free to share whatever you’ve been working on! Some folks like to include the full how-to in their project posts, or just include a picture, short project description and a link back to their blog, and either is just fine by us. The Whimseybox community is a place to share what you’ve been working on, and to find inspiration and project instructions from fellow Whimseybox fans. It’s as simple as that. So what are you waiting for? Adding a project takes just a couple of minutes. Here’s a quick video to show you just how easy it is!

Here are this week’s featured projects!

Erin Siegel shares a tutorial for making this beautiful leather wrap rhinestone bracelet.

Mariah Danielsen shares her DIY for this cool bohemian boutonniere that includes both real and faux flowers, as well as feathers.

This cactusarium from Inna Tesis is a fun twist on the typical terrariums you’ve been seeing a lot of lately.

We love seeing what you are making, so be sure to add your creations to the Community today!


Rachel Hobson is a freelance craft writer and editor who is obsessed with hand embroidery and all things geektastic and funny. She has a passion for creating community through crafting. She's also a huge space geek, and enjoys living five minutes from Houston's Johnson Space Center where she can get her fill of rockets any time she pleases.

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