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Whimseybox is a subscription sample service for craft products based in Houston, TX. We deliver monthly boxes of craft supply samples to subscribers in the United States and share news and educational content about a wide variety of craft genres via our website. Whimseybox subscribers are craft-lovers who enjoy trying new products and sharing their creativity online.

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1. Targeted_Distribution

Whether you are looking to test or promote a new product, boost sales on a slow-moving line or reinforce the market position of a longtime staple, Whimseybox can help you reach your target audience. We can put your product directly into the hands of an engaged community of crafters who enjoy trying new things and sharing their creativity.

2. Exposure

You might think that after we carefully wrap your product and send the Whimseyboxes scattering around the country that we are done. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Next we get to work designing new tutorials featuring your product to share in the Project Gallery. We also create written and video content featuring Whimseybox products for our daily blog including tips and techniques for use, current news and trends, guest posts from celebrity crafters, authors and designers, special contests, promotions and more. Whimseybox customers love to share what they have made on our blog, Facebook and Twitter as well as their own sites.

3. Feedback

Every month we survey  Whimseybox consumers to find out what they liked about the products in their box, how they used it and any problems or challenges they had. Then we share the feedback about your product with you.

4. Social_Media_Tracking

Whimseybox is more than a subscription service, it’s a community. Every day we are engaging with our customers on our blog, Facebook and Twitter. We encourage them to share their experiences with Whimseybox brands through social media by hosting contests and special promotions. We carefully track every pageview, like, retweet, mention and more so that we can share the results with you each month. (Not up on the social media lingo? Don’t worry, we are happy to help explain it to you!)

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Whimseybox subscribers live in 47 states and visitors to our website come from all around the world. (In fact, many email to try get us make an exception and ship to them in England/Canada/Australia/etc even though they know we are currently US-only.) Our users spend a average of $62/month on on craft supplies and 12.5% spend over $100/month! They are active online with usage rates of 87% on Facebook, 56% on Twitter and 347% on Google+. An overwhelming 89% read blogs and 34% write or contribute to a blog.

Their top five craft interests include sewing (80%), paper crafts (72%), home decor (69%), knitting/crochet (61%) and jewelry making (55%), but they are all passionate about trying new things.
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Every customer who registers for Whimseybox fills out a profile telling us what they are interested in. Current interests include: sewing, quilting, paper crafts, scrapbooking, painting, knitting, jewelry-making, crochet, clay, fashion crafts, other fiber arts, embroidery, holiday crafts and children’s crafts. If you’d like more detailed information, please contact us.

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We want to ensure that every consumer is delighted when he/she opens their Whimseybox. For this reason we are very selective about which products we include.

Whimseybox accepts sample and full-sized products of a wide variety of art and craft products. Coupons, flyers or other printed material are only occasionally permitted and must ALWAYS be accompanied by a product sample.  Promotional items may be considered if they are useful for crafting. Products that are not traditionally considered art or craft supplies may also be considered if they are a good fit with other Whimseybox products.

If you do not have sample-sized products we can work with you to break down full-sized products into smaller sizes. (Examples: Cutting large sheets of paper, fabric or other material, transferring paint or other materials into sample pots, breaking up packages of pens, pencils, markers, etc.)

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We are so glad you asked! You can contact us here or email