10 Fourth of July DIYs

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The Fourth of July means fireworks, hot dogs, patriotism, the American flag, and backyard barbecues. What’s more American than that….? Making stuff with your own two hands!

This year, you can DIY your Fourth of July to customize your celebration and impress all your party guests.

1. Straws and Stripes

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Source: christinasadventures.com

This striped decoration gives a modern twist to the Fourth of July wreath. Hang it up at your holiday party and watch as guests’ eyes are immediately drawn to it. Bonus: if you run out of straws, you’ve got some extra hanging around. Find the full tutorial here.

2. From Seat to Shining Seat

Source: bhg.com

Go the extra mile and customize your presumably plain party chairs. You don’t even have to sew these cloth napkin covers–just tie them up with some ribbon, hot glue some cording on, and you’ve got a festive seating arrangement awaiting you. Find the full tutorial here.

3. Poppin’ Bottles

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Source: diyonthecheap.blogspot.com

This fun and festive project revamps glass bottles and turns them into a cute table centerpiece that you can make your own with the addition of chalk. Find the full tutorial here.

4. Snap, Crackle, Pop

Source: thepikefam.blogspot.com

If you’re in the market for fireworks without the loud booms and bangs, try these faux fireworks with a slogan associated with a noisy cereal, instead. They’re pretty simple to make and add a whimsical touch to your decor. Find the full tutorial here.

5. Oh, Say Can You Sew

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Source: mama-says-sew.blogspot.ca

If you’re up for a sewing project, this little skirt is a must try. I don’t know what says “America” more than red, white, and blue and some ruffles. I mean, there are probably other things, but this one is just too cute. Find the full tutorial here.

6. Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Source: cfabbridedesigns.com

Sometimes the screeching whistles and booming explosions of fireworks just aren’t loud enough, you know? Sometimes you need a little extra noise to even everything out. These DIY noisemakers (made out of a wooden spatula) will do the trick and will be a hit among the kids. Find the full tutorial here.

7. Chalk Full of Stars

Source: projectalicia.com

The Fourth is a great day to kick back outside and enjoy the summer day. While everyone is hanging out, you might as well give them something to do! These patriotic DIY chalk pieces are an ode to the holiday and a fantastic activity to keep everyone creative and occupied. Find the full tutorial here.

8. Red Flag

Source: wobisobi.blogspot.com

You’ve got some cool decorations, but you’ve got to look the part, too! This DIY flag shirt is abound with texture and visual interest, so you’ll be proud to be an American and a crafter! Find the full tutorial here.

9. Let Freedom Ring

ring toss
Source: blog.hgtv.com

Make a red, white, and blue ring toss for your Fourth of July shindig! With a wooden fruit crate, some glass bottles, and a few other odds and ends, you can whip this game up and start tossing the day away. Find the full tutorial here.

10. Let Freedom Earring

ource: runwaydiy.com

Not to be confused with the former project title, this DIY is for the gal who likes to look good while stuffing her face with hot dogs and other American favorites. Find the full tutorial here.

We wish you a wonderful July 4th full of fun, family and these festive DIY finds!

Elizabeth is an Editorial Intern at Whimseybox.

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