How To: Get your Guy Excited about DIY


Ladies, is your love of DIY totally lost on your significant other? Perhaps he can’t understand the need for all that fabric, paper and glue that makes up your craft stash. Remember, a craft store can be a scary place for a guy, but that’s just because the wonderful world of do-it-yourself has become a female-centric space. We’re going to strip away the glitter and show you how a guy can learn to love DIY. Let’s tap into the male psyche and determine how to bridge the gap between pretty and practical in order to unite the sexes in this handmade movement.


1. Avoid the Craft Store

You know how he hates shopping. Besides, the craft store can be  a woman’s domain, so in order to really get him in the mood, take him to a place that reeks of machismo – the hardware store! You know you love it there too! With all the raw materials available there is sure to be a project that will spark his interest. When deciding on a project to tackle together, making a trip to the home improvement store is the best way to get the creative juices flowing without the threatening presence of bows and sequins.


2. A Sewing Machine is a Power Tool

It has a motor for crying out loud! Let’s just squash this antiquated notion that sewing is girly and embrace the fact that a sewing machine is a bad-ass tool. Start with a small project that is simple and practical. Sew a button. How many times has he come to you with a missing button and the idea that without your sewing skills that dress shirt is donezo. With some basic instruction you can empower your man with the ability to mend (and fend) for himself.


3. Alcohol as Inspiration

Whether he’s a connoisseur of craft beer or a master of the mixed drink, a bar related craft will give him bragging rights at your next get-together. Your project can be as ambitious as a handmade bar or as simple as a set of coasters, either way, he is sure to catch the DIY bug. He’ll soon find out how good it feels when someone says “where did you get that?” and he’s able to reply, “I made it myself”. Boom! Ego boost! He’s hooked.


4. Hello Sports Fans!

Lawn games are not only easy to build but they result in hours of fun for you and your friends. The next time you host a Bar-B-Que don’t forget the entertainment in the form of some friendly competition. Building these games is the perfect recipe for a guy approved DIY: a trip to the hardware store, power tools, a little math and a lot of careful construction. Give that man a tool belt and set him loose!


5. Appeal to His Inner Hipster

Give mainstream the middle finger and say no to mass produced, store bought items. The satisfaction he’ll get from a one of a kind, made it myself, saved a fortune, isn’t it rad, weekend warrior project will far surpass any retail therapy. Also, a bit of nostalgia can really tap into that creative side that he forgot he possessed. Perhaps it’s an old video game that he used to love or an ironic nod to a past action movie, band or comic that will get a chuckle from his buddies. Why pay big bucks for a “vintage” t-shirt when you can make it yourself.

Bonus Tips:

  • Keep it Functional – Guys don’t appreciate knick knacks.
  • Step Aside – There’s room for only one captain on the S.S. Creativity.
  • Have Fun! – After all, a couple that plays together stays together!

We’d love to see what you and your hunny collaborate on. Be sure to tag us at #whimseybox and show us what DIY projects had you joining forces. Or feel free to prove me wrong and show us how your guy loves DIY as much as you do.

Alison is the Operations Associate at Whimseybox. Born and raised in Maine, Ali was brought up in the creative culture of craft fairs and artist co-ops where she discovered her love of all things handmade. A true dilettante, she rarely repeats a project and considers herself one lucky lady that her passions have collided with her career.

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