Guy DIY – Upcycled Bicycle Wind Chime

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The best part about this Guy DIY is that it’s another potentially upcycled project! Paul is quite the bike aficionado (at least compared to the rest of us here at Whimseybox!) so this project was a no-brainer for him.


Fishing Line or thin wire
Bike cassette (new or used)
P-cord or string

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First, you’ll need to separate out the individual pieces of the cassette. Some older cassettes may require some persuasion to separate the individual cogs and pieces. If you’re using a used cassette, make sure you clean it first.

Bike Chimes-3

Find the yoke or the largest cogs (usually they are all attached) this is going to be your anchor point for all the hanging pieces.

Once you have all your pieces ready, begin tying the pieces of line or wire to the cog yoke (large cogs). I found staggering the different pieces on the different levels of the yoke helped add some dimension to the chime. One note is be patient with tying it can be a little tricky to get your fingers in there.

If you’re using fishing wire, you can just tie knots to hang your parts (shown above) or if you’re using wire, thread it through the crimp bead then through your hanging piece, back through the bead and pinch the crimp bead closed with pliers.

Bike Chimes-4

Attach a piece of fishing line or wire to each cogs or cassette piece. Vary the lengths of line or wire so all the pieces are not hanging at the same length.

Bike Chimes-7

Take a moment to enjoy all the jingling.


Once you have the cassette pieces attached it is time to add the p-cord or string so you can hang it. The cassette yoke has a “spider” or web of supports that you can use to support your p-cord or string evenly.  I chose to weave the line through all of the support but you can be as creative or straight forward with your p-cord or string as you would like.

Bike Chimes-15

That’s it! You’re done. Hang it up on your porch and let the wind catch it.

Bike Chimes-18Bike Chimes-21

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