Holiday Decor Tip & Alicia on Martha Stewart Living


Alicia was recently on Martha Stewart Living, talking about how she used Martha’s line of holiday decorations to create a beautiful sparkly centerpiece for her dining table (and included the handy Instagram coasters, for which you can get the full project tutorial here). You can read her post on MSL to get the full details on the centerpiece, but we’re going to share an extra little tip on how you can work around a large-scale centerpiece like the one Alicia created.


A large table scape is a beautiful way to decorate for the holidays, but let’s face it: there will be times during the month when you need to clear some space on the table for other uses. If you don’t want to have to worry about moving every little piece of the decor, only to have to carefully arrange it again later, check out the brilliant way Alicia got around that problem.


Take a couple of yards of inexpensive muslin fabric (enough to cover the length of your table) and fold it in half, lengthwise, to create a narrow table runner and place it down the center of the length of the table.

Create your table scape on top of the center of your muslin table runner. This works best with centerpieces that are fairly tightly packed.


When you need to move the entire thing, get a partner and gather up the ends of the table runner and roll them until they are tight and close to the edges of the centerpiece spread.


Carefully lift the entire runner up and carefully move it away from the table and on to an alternate surface. Move it back whenever you are ready!



Easy peasy!


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