How To: Care for Your Airplant

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Here’s the good new: air plants (aka tillandsia) are some of the lowest maintenance plants you’ll find!¬†However they still do need attention occasionally and it can differ depending on where you live. Here are some pointers:

When you first get an air plant, dunk it in water for 2 – 3 hours and then take it out and allow the plant to dry completely in an area with good circulation.

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Air plants need light! Filtered light, as opposed to direct sunlight, is best during the hot summer months. During the rest of the year (November – March) they are happy to live in the direct sunlight.

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Keep it dry – air plants can’t survive in standing water. However, they do need occasional waterings. The frequency depends on how humid or dry your environment is- plants in dry environments might need watering 1 -2 times a week while plants in humid environments may only need to be watered every other week.

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– To water, dunk your air plant in a water bath for a 1 – 2 hours. Then take it out, shake it off and ensure there is adequate circulation for the plant to dry completely in 4 hours or less.

– If you’re interested in fertilizing your plant bromeliad fertilzer is recommended. Miracle Grow can also be used, just be sure to dilute it to 1/4 strength with water.

We hope you enjoy your new plant!


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    Dena Oneal

    I did not receive the air plant in my box. I received a small packet of dirt and some tiny seeds. There were no directions for growing. Can you help?

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