How-To: Chain & Floss-Wrapped Flower Vases

How-To: Chain & Floss-Wrapped Vases

How-To: Chain & Floss-Wrapped Flower Vases

Raise your hand if you have a stash of those plain glass florist’s vases somewhere in your house. It seems to me, they multiply under my cabinet, and I’m always looking for ways to repurpose them or dress them up a bit. As I went through my latest Whimseybox supplies, I realized they were the perfect embellishments to give a set of super simple vases a new look. The mix of soft and colorful embroidery floss against the metallic ball chain appeals to the texture and color junkie in me. This project couldn’t be simpler, you just need to give yourself enough time to let the vases dry completely overnight if you are planning on giving them as gifts. Read on to see how to create your own pair of chain and floss-wrapped vases.  Vase Materials

From your July Whimseybox:
– Ball Chain
– Embroidery Floss

– Wire Cutters
– Scissors (mine are embroidery scissors, but you can use regular scissors)
– Sponge Brush
– Plain, clear glass vase from a florist’s delivery or from the craft store

Vase Materials: Glues

– Craft Glue – I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue
– Heavy duty glue – something like E6000 or Beacon 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue. These glues have a strong odor, so be sure to work in a well-ventilated area!

Vase Step 1 - Pouring Glue

Step 1:
Make sure your vase is clean and dry and free of any kind of residue. Pour a small amount of your heavy-duty glue into a plastic container. I like to keep a stash of old yogurt or food containers for just this purpose. The heavy duty glue gets pretty sticky and yucky, and you’ll likely need to toss the container after you’re done.

Vase Step 2 - Apply Glue

Step 2:
Use a sponge brush to cover the bottom inch and a half or so of your vase with the heavy-duty glue. It will be sticky and thick, so don’t fret.

Vase Step 3 - Apply Chain

Step 3:
Begin applying the chain at the very bottom of your vase. Gently press it in to the heavy duty glue.

Vase Step 4 - Wrapping Chain

Step 4:
Wrap the chain tightly around the vase by holding the chain in your left hand and the opposite end of the vase in your right hand. Use your right hand to slowly turn the vase as your left hand lays the chain down tightly against the previous rows of chain.

Vase Step 5 - Cutting Chain

Step 5:
When your chain reaches the height of your heavy duty glue, hold the vase with your right hand so the chain hangs down. Use your left hand and the wire cutters to cut the end of the chain. Press the tail of the chain into the heavy duty glue.

Vase Step 6 - Applying Glue for Floss

Step 6:
Use another sponge brush to apply about an inch or inch and a half of craft glue with above the chain.

Vase Step 7 - Applying Floss

Step 7: 
Begin wrapping the floss at the tail end of the ball chain.

Vase Step 8 - Wrapping Floss

Step 8:
Use the same method of rolling and wrapping that you used for the chain to wrap the embroidery floss. Get each row as close to the previous row of floss without overlapping. You’ll likely have excess glue push up between some rows of floss. This is fine. If you leave it alone, it just dries clear.

Vase Step 9 - Cutting Floss

Step 9:
Trim your embroidery floss and press the tail into the craft glue.

Vases Complete

Let your vases dry overnight. The glues will dry clear and they will be ready to fill and use the following day. I think a whole set of these across a shelf would be really beautiful. What else can you transform with the floss and chain from your most recent Whimseybox?

Rachel Hobson is a freelance craft writer and editor who is obsessed with hand embroidery and all things geektastic and funny. She has a passion for creating community through crafting. She's also a huge space geek, and enjoys living five minutes from Houston's Johnson Space Center where she can get her fill of rockets any time she pleases.

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