How-To: Quick and Easy Studded Leather Bracelet

How-To: Quick and Easy Studded Leather Bracelet

How-To: Quick and Easy Studded Leather Bracelet

The leather supplies in box #7 have inspired us in many ways over the last few weeks. The metal studs and beautiful leather from Tandy have proven to be even more versatile than we expected, and are great materials for simple and satisfying projects. This week, I’ll show you how to make a studded leather bracelet that comes together so quickly and easily, you’ll have no trouble making time to make one. Just be prepared for lots of compliments, and looks of surprise when you reply with, “Thanks! I made it!” You may also want to prepare for making several more for your friends. Finally, stay tuned for a little bit of a Blooper Reel from when my cat tried to join in on the bracelet-making fun. Enjoy!

If you’re a fan of Emily Henderson’s Secrets of a Stylist on HGTV, you may have noticed a cool leather bracelet with a large brass/gold ring that she often wears. (you can kind of see it in this picture. Amazingly, for as many times as I’ve seen it on her on TV, I had a hard time digging up a photograph of it!) It’s big and chunky and gorgeous. Today’s project is a slight spin on that bracelet, though with larger D-rings and a bit of leather dye, you could get much closer to replicating it if that’s the look you are wanting.

How-To: Quick and Easy Studded Leather Bracelet - Materials


From Whimsey Box #7:
– Leather
– metal studs (minimum of 1 stud for this project, more if you’d like to embellish your bracelet)

– set of metal D-rings
– X-Acto knife
– rotary cutter (and ruler/cutting mat – not pictured)
– needle nose pliers (not pictured)
– mallet (optional)

How-To: Studded Leather Bracelet
Step 1:
Cut your leather strip 1/4″ narrower than the size of your D-Rings. In this case, my D-Rings were 1″, so I cut my leather strip 3/4″ wide. I just cut along the length of the leather piece included in my Whimseybox, which was about 10″ long. Your bracelet will be adjustable, so you can keep the strip long and wrap it around, or trim it to suit your taste.

How-To: Quick and Easy Studded Leather Bracelet
Step 2:
Put one end of the leather strap through both D-rings, then pull through and fold down about 3/4-1″ of the leather strap.

Step 3:
Turn the bracelet over (so the folded overlap of leather is now on the bottom) and mark the placement for the stud by pressing it in to the leather. This is the same marking technique we used in our leather catch-all tutorial!

How-To: Quick and Easy Studded Leather Bracelet

Step 4:
Use your X-Acto knife to cut the slits for the prongs of the stud. Be sure to protect your work surface with a piece of scrap cardboard or cutting mat.

How-To: Quick and Easy Studded Leather Bracelet
Step 5:
Insert the stud prongs through the first layer of leather, and then press them in to the second layer of leather to mark the second placement of slits (again, this is the same technique we used in the leather catch-all tutorial!)

How-To: Quick and Easy Studded Leather Bracelet

Step 6:
Cut the second layer of slits, and press the prongs through to the bottom side of the folded leather.

How-To: Quick and Easy Studded Leather Bracelet
Step 7:
Use your needle nose pliers to turn the stud prongs in and secure the two pieces of leather. If needed, give it a few smacks with your mallet to really flatten them out.

How-To: Quick and Easy Studded Leather Bracelet

Here’s how your completed stud/D-rings will look.

How-To: Quick and Easy Studded Leather Bracelet

To wear your bracelet, simple push the plain end of the leather strap under both rings, then bring it back over the first ring and slide it under the second ring. Pull to tighten. You can either leave that end loose, or wrap it under the bracelet to form a loose sort of knot. Trim it to suit your liking.

Other options: 
– embellish your bracelet with additional studs all along the leather strap
– use leather dye to change the color of your bracelet
– wear your bracelet with the D-Ring/Stud side facing up, or turn it to the underside of your wrist for a simple, plain leather bracelet look

I have to admit, I’m not a big jewelry person, particularly when it comes to bracelets. I love the look of them, but I spend a large portion of my day on my laptop, and they often get in the way. I’ve been wearing this bracelet around this week and love it. It doesn’t get in the way while I’m working, and feels and looks great. It’s a huge payoff for such an easy project!

Outtake time! 

How-To: Quick and Easy Studded Leather Bracelet

My cat, Little Bit, likes to appear the moment I pull out the photo background mat I use when shooting my tutorials. She almost created button mayhem with my quote post, and then wanted to get in on the action in this bracelet tutorial. Just as I snapped a picture for one of the steps, she tossed her paw in the shot! I always have to do extra checks to make sure there isn’t cat fur on the mat in any of my pictures. Apologies if some gets by me!


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