Apartment Artifact – DIY Jewelry Display Wall


I LOVE! jewelry and accessories. I am a true sucker for an awesome, gaudy, over-the-top, is it cool or is it costume-y jewelry.

So why have all these beautiful trinkets and baubles in the drawer? (Especially when it ends up looking like this!)

Oh! Junky Drawer

I just had to find a way to put them on display!


– Screw in Eye Hooks

– Twine or Heavy Cotton Cord

– Level

– Tape Measure

– Pencil (check out our sweet maker pencils: now for sale!)

– Scissors (We sell those too!)


Measure the wall you are using and sketch a scale grid on paper – detail measurements and eye hook placement. This will help when you transfer to the wall, less measuring and double checking.  Once you have decided on a pattern and size. Transfer to the wall, carefully marking with a pencil where to insert the eye hooks ( a little tape measure and level work during this step will keep your lines nice and neat).

Eye Hook

Next, string cotton cord. Originally, I was just going to go for a straight up and down, left to right square grid but it looked too plain. And I was a little worried that with all my goodies I may need more room and support.


I added a criss-cross with some macrame knots – pretty and great for holding earrings!

Knot Know

At each eye hook, I wrapped the string through the eye twice and knotted so everything would stay nice and taut.


Now time to fill with goodies – I found drapery clips at Joann’s on sale (bonus!). The smallest S hooks at your local hardware store would be a good substitute.  Just try to keep everything light in weight and in the same color family so that your jewelry is showcased and not the hardware.


Miss Matilda is sooo helpful with string projects!

Totes pinworthy! Now what to do with all of the bracelets????


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