DIY Leather Feather Hair Clip


This DIY was inspired by the metal feather barrette I found on The Fancy this week. It was also inspired by the price tag – $150. Ouch!

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The DIY version is made out of gold leather, one of my favorite materials lately. Here’s how to make your own:

DIY Leather Feather Hair Clip (2)

Start with a scrap of leather at least 6” by 2” and a pair of scissors.

DIY Leather Feather Hair Clip (3)

I sketched a rough feather shape on the back of the leather and then cut it out.

DIY Leather Feather Hair Clip (4)

After I had the general shape cut out I drew in some random feather details.

DIY Leather Feather Hair Clip (5)

And then cut the details with small snips all around the feather shape. In some places I cut tiny wedges of the leather out and in others I just snipped in toward the center and varying depths.

DIY Leather Feather Hair Clip (6)

Once the feather shape is cut out you might notice a problem – the leather has no body and just wilts over like a sad week-old flower. Here’s the trick to solving that problem…

DIY Leather Feather Hair Clip (7)

Wax! I used beeswax because I once bought 5 lbs of it, made some lip gloss and still have 4.95 lbs leftover. You could also try paraffin (candle) was as well. Melt the wax in a double-boiler or using a hot plate or heat gun (careful with this one). I used an embossing tool since I only needed a small amount to coat the back of the leather. (Use caution when melting wax – you don’t want to put it directly on your stove or use a microwave because it’s a fire risk.)

DIY Leather Feather Hair Clip (8)

Use a brush to spread the wax on the back of the leather. You’ll notice it get dark as it sinks in. In the white areas, reheat the wax with a hairdryer or heat gun and brush or wipe away any excess wax with a rag. (And look- I found another use for that ceramic tile!)

DIY Leather Feather Hair Clip (10)

Here’s how it looks when you’re finished. As the feather cools you can gently shape it into a slight curve and fan out the different sections to give it some depth.

DIY Leather Feather Hair Clip (11)

And this is how it looks from the front. To attach the hairclip I used E-6000 and pressed a barrette directly to the center of the feather.

DIY Gold Leather Feather Hairclip

Here’s the finished product. (PS – It’s hard to take a picture of the back of your own head!)

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    Barbara Hill

    With all that wax you might want to try encaustic.

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