Q + A With Featured Artist Brett Wilson

Featured Artist February

We all make mistakes. It’s part of the creative process. And this print hit the nail on the head! This month’s featured artist, Brett Wilson, is from just across the pond (London to be exact!) and his shop is full of those inspirational quotes that we all love. We asked him a few questions to get a feel for the artist behind the print.


WB: Who is your creative inspiration?

Brett: I try to remain open to as much creative influence as possible. I’ve developed a strong research process towards finding inspiration rather than looking to specific individuals or outlets. I collect exhaustive sketchbooks of imagery and ideas that instinctively attract me and then I make connections, thematic links and annotate with almost forensic detail what exactly I find enjoyable and encouraging. I favor this method because it allows me to indulge in all the influences that I love as well as giving me a logical and pragmatic way of understanding my tastes and direction forward. Plus it practically eliminates creative block in so far as I always have an archive of fresh, personalized inspiration and self-knowledge to draw upon.

WB: Do you run your shop full-time or do you have a day job also?

Brett: My Etsy Shop is still a part-time project which I squeeze around my current full-time commitments as a product photographer for a large online retailer. If things go well with the shop in 2013 however I plan to be quitting my day job in the coming year!

WB: Describe your workspace. And we’d love a picture!

Brett: I’ve built a modest home studio space which, unlike many creatives, I keep tightly organized. I guess for me living and working from home necessitates a controlled workspace to keep me both productive and sane!


WB: Who is your biggest cheerleader?

Brett: Biggest cheerleader? Hhhmm… I guess actually I’d have to say myself. I’m fiercely private about my creative work and I only submit it to others when I’m absolutely happy with it. So I work with quite a high degree of isolation and rely on self-motivation and discipline to always be moving forward. I endeavor to find my creative confidence within this self reliance. But that being said every Etsy Favorite, RePin or ReTweet is a huge source of endorsement and encouragement to me to keep going. I am always so grateful for those.

WB: Can you tell us the background on the print we used or do you have anything special you want to say about it?

Brett: I’ve been a designer and photographer since graduating college in 2005. In the years that followed I became tired of working on corporate briefs so returned to college as a full time lecturer. I soon found a passion to inspire and motivate my students to push their creative boundaries further and end their self-limiting beliefs. This quote appeals to a person’s sense of creativity and encourages us to always be learning and discovering ourselves through our art.

We are so grateful you shared your work with us last month. So thanks, Brett! And WB friends, be sure to pop over to The Motivated Type to take a gander. And if you are lucky his January coupon code MOTIVATED2013 will still be good!

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