Summer Bucket List Printable

With school getting out and summer finally getting here, we thought it was about time for some summer goodies! Get ready for the best summer ever with this summer Bucket List! We left some room at the bottom of the list for you to add your own creative ideas. Be daring! Be sure to include one crafty venture, one thing you’re scared to do, and another that you’ve always wanted to try. Stick in on your fridge, or in your favorite notebook and start checking them off! We hope you have fun, and be sure to share your adventures with us!

Summer Bucket List - Whimseybox Printable

Summer Bucket List Printable - Whimseybox

Click here or on the image to download. Happy summer!


Alyssa is a designer, photographer and essentially the art department at Whimseybox. She loves making, no matter what the creative challenge is. Her current obsessions include (but are not limited to!) textural weaving, all things white or geometric, crystals and aerial silks. She blogs personal inspirations and Whimseybox behind-the-scenes at


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